Avoid pre-marital sex – Obot Etuk, Veteran actress advice women

Remember the veteran Nollywood actress Obot Etuk who was popular in the 90s and early 00s?

Well, she is in the news but not for a new movie. Obot Etuk who is a pastor these days is advising women to stay away from men who pressurize them for pre-marital sex.

Her thoughts concerning this issue have gone viral. She made the statement on her Facebook account on Tuesday, August 26, 2017.

My young lady……..if he is insisting on sex before marriage, he is not the man for you,” writes Obot Etuk. “You cannot use sex to prove love. Goats have sex. In fact, dogs have sex and everywhere too but they are not in love.

“If sex means love, then the prostitute should fall in love with every man she has sex with. Sex is meant for marriage young lady.

Obot Etuk advises against pre-marital sex Obot Etuk advises against pre-marital sex

She goes further to preach about patience, pride and dignity.

Waiting is the real love. It is a mark of maturity. That is the kind of man you should say yes to, not the one that wants you to compromise your virtue, pride, dignity, just to satisfy his lust.

“And how many will you love cos I’m sure he’s not the only man you’ve had sex with.

Obot Etuk’s Facebook wall is very Christian-themed which reflects her new found faith.

Back in her heydays, she made the tabloids for her relationship with Nollywood bad boy Ernest Asuzu. The two dated for years before breaking calling it off.

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