Yung6ix admits he overreacted to comedian Akpororo’s joke about him

The Outburst started after Yung6ix Watched Akpororo Making Jest Of His Expensive lifestyle which logically according to the comedian overweighed his music career.

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Yung6ix however seems to have overcome his anger, realising he overreacted to the matter which he could have merely overlooked as a wordplay, but then just like he said, “the joke is always funny until it’s about you”.

The rapper in a new interview with Hip TV said that he never got the full joke.

He said;

At first when everybody started….I didn’t get to see the full joke. But when I got to see it, I realized it was a joke. Its all entertainment. So no feelings/emotions attached. I knew it was a joke.

We all made fun about it and all took advantage of the fact that I was trending and I had a new video out there. I don’t see anything coming between me and him or whatever.

He is my Delta brother and I respect him and his talent, but I wouldn’t even joke or make jokes about anything that would make people feel indifferent about their success.

People make mistakes, people say jokes and like they always say, the joke is always funny until it’s about you. I felt that way.


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