Kevin Hart is most likely to bounce back from cheating allegations.

On Sunday, September 17, 2017, Kevin Hart admitted to cheating on his wife.

Hart who is a certified blockbuster magnet shared an emotional video where he owned up to having an extra-marital affair.

The one-minute long video saw the actor talk about a mistake from his past and how some unknown persons have been trying to extort him for the error.

Since his meteoric rise in Hollywood and the business of stand-up comedy, Hart has remained squeaky clean. You would have to go back to 2013 when he was arrested on the suspicion of drunk driving to get anything bad about him.

Kevin Hart has positioned himself as the clean-cut, hardworking, motivational celebrity. He offered a new narrative, the family-friendly African-American actor who was scandal-free.

This PR-friendly image has been one of the reasons why Kevin Hart has had a fruitful relationship with top brands such as Nike and H&M. People love Kevin for staying away from trouble and being level-headed.

How will this cheating scandal affect his squeaky clean mega career?

First of all, it seems there is a case of extortion going on. This is just a tip of the iceberg. We don’t know how graphic these photos and videos are. We don’t know how deep the rabbit hole goes. One thing is for sure, Kevin Hart is going to have a bad few months.

Studio executives are going to have sleepless nights on how to promote Kevin Hart movies without the cheating scandal taking over the narrative. Don’t be surprised if Kevin Hart does not do the publicity rounds for his next few movies. It is time for damage control.

Kevin Hart’s cheating scandal is definitely going to rock the boat for the next few months and might spill into 2018 depending on how he handles things.

Will it affect his brand long term? I don’t think so. Hollywood is forgiving of male celebrities who are caught stepping out of their matrimonial homes. A very recent example is JAY-Z who just confessed to having at least one extra-marital affair. Despite a few bad press, his brand is still rock solid as ever.

What about Kevin Hart’s co-star in the H&M commercials David Beckham? In 2004, David Beckham was exposed for having an affair with his personal assistant. The sex scandal was the talk of the town and the then  Real Madrid star had to face a glut of bad press. In 2017, no one hardly remembers this and his brand is bigger than ever.

It’s not all male celebrities who cheat that come out bigger. Tiger Woods’ extensive and well detailed adulterous relationships robbed him of his pristine brand. The golf great has never reached those dizzy heights again.

As long as there isn’t a hard drive somewhere of Kevin Hart cheating on his wife with numerous women all across town he will be good. He might even have more success after this scandal. All he has to do is be truly remorseful, keep his head low and continue working.


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