Eminem Slams Trump In His Freestyle Return At BET’s Hip Hop Award.

Eminem Slams Trump In His Freestyle Return At BET’s Hip Hop Award.

The rap legend takes aim at the American President in ‘The Storm’…Guess who’s back! Back again… On the same day rumours of his new album emerged, Eminem made a fiery return during the BET Hip Hop Awards last night with a ferocious freestyle that takes aim at Donald Trump and his long list of controversies.
‘The Storm’ is a politically charged verse that addresses the administration’s ignorance towards Puerto Rico’s devastation, overt racism, the ongoing war against NFL players, and much more.
The rapper draws a line between himself and his Republican fans at the end of the freestyle, declaring that he is not afraid of Trump and refuses to be silent.
The passion, frustration and anger in this verse captures the daily struggle America has seen in 2017, and it is incredibly moving and powerful.
It should not take a white man to speak out for others to realise their morals, however as one of the most famous artists in the world it’s refreshing to see Eminem be so fearless and use his power for good in a time people need it most.
Eminem also makes a stand for Colin Kaepernick, an NFL player who is currently not working after refusing to stand for the national anthem in protest for Black Lives Matter.

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